Hyundai and Amazon unite to allow customers to use Alexa

Hyundai’s Blue Link smartphone app can now be used through Amazon Alexa’s – the virtual assistant being able to control functions such as starting the engine or charging the EV.

If you’re a fan of science fiction you know that one of the running dreams of futurologists has always been the ability to interact and discuss with machines. And we’re already there – thanks to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. They’re still limited and don’t seamlessly interact with everything around us, but these days if you have the right smartphone app even a kettle can receive voice commands. Cars have been along the voice activation trend for years – but Hyundai is now taking matters a step further by adding the Blue Link app to the range of “skills” on Amazon Alexa.

Alexa is not a mere virtual assistant – but also a liaison for your “smart home” apps that is controlled by voice commands. Adding the Blue Link to Alexa will allow Hyundai owners to remotely access lots of commands while still in the house – from remote engine start, climate control settings, door locking, lights to the horn. The eco cars – such as the Ioniq models as well as Sonata Plug-Ins will be controlled when it comes to charging. The compatible vehicles are every 2017 model year Hyundai, alongside MY2016 Genesis, Azera, Tucson cars, and certain Sonata, Veloster, and Elantra GT models.