How to use Amazon Alexa and ADT Pulse

A photo of an Echo dot near an ADT pulse control pad

Home security users are now equipped with the ability to pair their ADT system with Amazon Echo. Unveiling the new ADT Pulse this year was a huge security integration many customers have waited for. As any home security user can attest, leaving your home under the notion that you may or may not have locked or turned off everything off can cause unneeded worry. This idea leading ADT to pair with Amazon to offer its security services with a little assistant, Alexa. Below are the simple steps one can take to pair their Amazon echo with ADT Pulse to ease their minds.

How to Sync Amazon Alexa and ADT Pulse

  • Open Amazon Alexa App on one’s mobile device
  • From the menu select skills
  • In the search menu at the top search ADT Pulse
  • Once the ADT skill is found select enable skill
  • Enter user email address and password used with the ADT Pulse account. This pairs Alexa with the Pulse system
  • Click log-in and if one would like to control all areas of the system via Alexa click Yes, you can access my home security features.
  • Create PIN. This unique PIN is required when one asks Alexa to control the ADT system.
  • Congratulations! Your duo is paired and you are ready to tell Alexa what to do with your system.

What The Duo Can Accomplish Together

  • Remote capabilities. Users may arm or disarm their system from any device and check the status as easily as one checks their phone.
  • Video Surveillance. Keep an eye on what’s going on from a variety of views.
  • Theft Monitoring. ADT sensors on windows and doors detect any unwanted intruders.
  • Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detection. Round the clock smoke and heat sensors alert users at the first sense of trouble and contact appropriate departments.
  • Lock Controls. Lock and unlock doors with the tap of a button.
  • Garage Door Control. Alerts are sent to users if the garage door has been left open and users can open or close the door remotely.
  • Video Doorbell. When paired with Ring Video Doorbell users may speak with whoever is at the door.
  • Light control. Switch lights indoor or outdoors on and off.
  • Flood Monitoring. Water damage is lessened with the sensors which alert users of rising water.
  • Voice Control. Along with Alexa, users can control lights, locks, and security using only their voice. Pulse uses a biometric voice recognition which responds to only the user.

The expertise of ADT and over 140 years of security services allow users to rest assured their most valuable property is safe.