Harrison Company Creates Smartphone-enabled Personal Safe

HARRISON, NY — A Harrison technology company plans a crowdfunding campaign to help them take their invention to market.

Solo Technology Holdings, LLC announced Monday that it will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the iKeyp on Sept. 27.

The iKeyp is the first smartphone-enabled personal safe designed to safeguard both prescription medications and valuables.

Unlike other safes on the market, the iKeyp installs easily and securely without tools, connects to the Internet and provides owners with real-time security alerts and intelligent medication reminders. In addition to being a repository for prescription drugs in the home, office or while traveling, the safe can also be used to secure passports, money, jewelry and any other personal items an individual prefers to keep both private and safe.

“We started development of the iKeyp with the intention of stopping unwanted prescription medication access and subsequent abuse in the home, where it most often begins,” said Jeffrey I. Hermann, founder and CEO of Solo Technology Holdings, LLC, in the crowdfunding announcement. “But once we developed the technology, we realized it had wider applications for personal in-home security. Whether it is used to store prescription medications, jewelry, money, credit cards or sensitive items such as identification documents, the iKeyp provides today’s homeowner with a balance of security, protection and easy access. We see widespread adoption across a multitude of uses and markets.”

Thus far, interest from parent advocacy groups, drug coalitions, armed forces and veteran groups, legislators, and insurance companies has been exceptionally positive.

According to Mitch Danzig, president and COO of Solo Technology Holdings, LLC, “Up until now, there’s been a void in the home market for a personal ‘smart’ safe at an affordable price point.”

Danzig continued, “The smartphone-enabled technology provides both theft deterrence and real-time monitoring of critical iKeyp security conditions. Moreover, the iKeyp smartphone app supports medication adherence, sending intelligent reminders to those who might otherwise forget to take their medication as prescribed. It is truly the best of both worlds.”

Individuals may sign up via the iKeyp pre-launch website at go.ikeyp.com to obtain the iKeyp safe for just $79 within the first 24 hours of the product launch.

Additional units will be made available for $89 through the first 48 hours of the campaign. For the remainder of the 45-day Indiegogo campaign, the iKeyp product can be acquired for $99. The iKeyp will have a suggested retail price of $149 when it launches early next year on www.ikeyp.comand in selected retail stores nationwide.

There will also be multi-unit discounted options available in 2-pack and 4-pack bundles offered at $169 and $329, respectively, for the duration of the Indiegogo campaign.

The company has dubbed the multi-unit options as the “friends and family” perk so individuals can keep their family’s medications and valuables safe while providing a unit to a friend or family member to encourage them to do the same; in this way promoting education and safe-keeping to other communities, and helping them reduce prescription medication abuse as well. The multi-unit options will also provide a price break to individuals who would like to purchase multiple units for various purposes within their own home.

The Indiegogo campaign will run for 45 days. Unit prices do not include shipping.

For more information on the iKeyp, including details on the Indiegogo campaign, visit www.ikeyp.com or contact info@iKeyp.com.

Solo Technology Holdings, LLC is an “Internet of Things” company focused on creating innovative and easy to use technology products and services to address the growing prescription drug abuse problem in America, while at the same time conveniently improving adherence for those taking prescription medication. Solo Technology Holdings, LLC works with advocacy groups, parents, educators, doctors, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and members of the healthcare industry to break the cycle of addiction and educate communities about the need for safe storage of prescription drugs. The company is headquartered in Purchase, NY.

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