Five Facts You Wouldn't Have Believed in 2016

The world is constantly changing. Every single year new trends come out and change the way we live. It can be easy to forget how quickly this change takes place, but these five facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are truly living in the future. If you’d have learned any of these facts last year, you wouldn’t have believed them for a minute.

Fact 1: Hoverboards Actually Hover

Ever since Marty McFly sailed off on his futuristic hovering skateboard, kids around the world have been waiting for the day when they too could have some floating transport of their own. Last year was the peak of the hoverboard craze, but everyone around the world that this was nothing more than a fun marketing name for a sideways skateboard.

In 2016, however, companies are releasing hoverboards that actually hover. Sure, they might cost as much as a new car. But until this year flying boards were something reserved for science fiction movies.

Fact 2: Pokémon Is More Popular Than Adult Video

Considering that adult video accounts for almost 30 percent of internet traffic, it’s hard to imagine any trend becoming more popular. And Pokémon?! Isn’t this a trend that fizzled out in the 90s? Believe it or not, Pokémon Go is more popular than adult websites.

In fact, this game is so popular that Nintendo’s shares increased by nearly 50% within a short time of its release. This means that this simple Pokémon game has had more of an impact on Nintendo’s business than any console they’ve ever released. Next time you switch your browser into the incognito mode, remember that someone else around the world just caught a Pikachu.

Fact 3: You Can Skydive from Space

What’s the worst possible thing that could happen to an astronaut? That’s right, a fall back to earth. But what may have been seen as a worst case scenario for space professionals, is the next big adventure for thrill seekers. Skydiving has been around for many years, and we’ve already seen a few professional thrill seekers attempt stratosphere-level jumps.

But these were trained professionals who spent years planning and executing their jump. But now after the latest 39 KM long jump by Alan Eustace, a company known as “Orbital Outfitters” is creating a suit and equipment that can allow any daring thrill seeker to attempt this dangerous feat. Should you feel tempted to attempt this jump yourself, don’t forget to bring your iPod! Because the entire jump entails fifteen minutes of straight falling, and you wouldn’t want to get bored.

Fact 4: California Is the Biggest Polluter in The United States

California: The land of surfing and beautiful weather. Considering that they have some of the strongest environmental regulations in the country, it’s hard to imagine them as anything more than a green state. However, their enormous methane gas leak pumped over 110,000 pounds of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Many environmentalists are calling this the biggest natural disaster of the year. In fact, this single leak accounts for over 25 percent of all carbon emissions for the entire state.

Fact 5: Your Toaster Has a Computer in It

Are you sick and tired of making toast? Me neither. But somebody must be because now we have internet connected toasters that can send you a text when your toast is ready. This isn’t even the only example of “the internet of things.” We’ve now got computers in our lightbulbs, our thermostats, and virtually every other appliance in our homes.

We’re quickly moving into the world where virtually every device we own is now “smart” and can be controlled from the palm of your hand.