Experience Connected Home Coziness with Wi-Fi Thermostats

Ever noticed how you can get slightly grumpy if it’s too hot? Or perhaps too much cold leaves you feeling numb to go beyond the comforts of your bed. It’s a good thing how connected home systems have come so far in developing technologies to improve people’s lifestyle and energy usage.

The Smart Thermostat Solution

Wi-Fi Thermostats are Internet-based, programmable heaters or air conditioners (depending on the time of the season). They are more flexible in adjusting their settings at any time of the day and wherever a homeowner may be. This means as you set it at a certain temperature when you’re at home; it changes to another setting as soon as you head out. These both happen while you use your smart phone’s app.

As a connected home gadget, a smart thermostat can also program your temperature preferences and behavior so it will accordingly adjust to your nest set of habits. Maybe you’ve already installed a Wi-Fi Thermostat in your house, or you’re quite hesitant to give it a try. Either way, you might want to check out its features, which you should maximize:

Save on Hundreds of Dollars per Year

They’re also known as smart thermostats as in they almost sound like smart phones these days, although the latter can definitely do much more. As you get busy throughout the day, you won’t probably have enough time to keep checking whether your thermostat’s settings are just right.

Wi-Fi Thermostats can do a good job in alerting you of whether some adjustments were made in your home for the day. Energy experts even mentioned how you can save from 25% to 30% of your total electricity costs due to the accuracy, which Smart Thermostats have. Now this is certainly one of the relieving perks a connected home buyer would want to hear.

Mostly Easy to Use for Greater Control

Fortunately, the latest products have become more agile within a few simple commands. As long as you have online access, you can also conveniently change the coolness or warmth of certain areas in your home. If you suddenly have to organize a party, this connected home solution will be responsive enough as you make some temperature adjustments at about 20 to 30 minutes before you get home.

Some Installation and Usage Reminders

Like any connected home innovation, the Smart Thermostat may have some rooms to improve on depending on its name of manufacturer. For instance, some specific brand users would mention how installation can be a challenge for their devices while others may observe how intermittent Internet connections can lead to an increased lack of response from their products.

If you’re considering owning this device for the long haul, you might want to ask for a few product demonstrations of your shortlisted brands. Read up some realistic reviews and see how much this connected home item can improve your home today.