Expedia customers can ask Amazon's Alexa about itinerary

Expedia.com has introduced a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa. Customers can now ask an Alexa-enabled device, like the Echo, for information on upcoming travels they have booked on Expedia.

To use the new skill, device owners can activate it for free within the Alexa app, then start asking questions beginning with the phrase, “Alexa, ask Expedia …”

Alexa can answer questions about itineraries, flight times and status, check-in times, loyalty status and rental car reservations.

“Expedia remains committed to investing in voice recognition and natural language processing technologies to gain a deeper understanding of the unique nuances associated with the rapidly evolving field of voice-centered interactions,” said Tony Donohue, the Expedia brand’s chief technology officer and senior vice president of technology.

Using similar technology, Expedia.com also has a bot on Facebook Messenger enabling users to search for hotels via chat.

Donohue said technologies like the bot and the Alexa skill give Expedia’s customers “even more ways to get real-time travel updates using whatever device they choose.”