Elgato Eve Energy: meet Siri's new best friend

We’re not in the past or the present any more. This is the future.

Get in from work, and your location-aware iPhone talks to your iPhone-aware house. The lights come on, the blinds go up, the kettle starts boiling and the music starts. For added sci-fi points, you can say “Hey, Siri… I’m home”.

It’s amazing. Set up scenes, control products individually, control pretty much everything in your house if you want…

Some gadgets are already smart out of the box; just plug them in and they’re at your command. But others need a bit of help – maybe you have a favourite lamp or kettle, or you want to integrate something like your home cinema receiver or TV into the smart-home ecosystem. For those products, you need to add a smart plug.

Elgato’s Eve Energy can help – and it does more than just let you bark at your phone to activate your stuff.

It integrates into scenes, for a start. Use more than one Eve Energy device and you can trigger them all with one command – fully compatible with the rest of your Apple HomeKit-enabled devices. You don’t even need to set them up with Wi-Fi – Bluetooth is all you need. They won’t add clutter to your already crowded home network, and they’ll use less energy than Wi-Fi connected smart-plugs, too.