EDF launches 'Sowee' connected home venture

French utility company EDF announced the launch of Sowee, a new subsidiary created to market energy services and connected home solutions. Modelled on a start-up, Sowee is run by a small team dedicated to the development of new offers which combine the provision of gas services with smart home equipment, monitoring and optimising gas and electricity usage. EDF has been testing a new range of Sowee products and services with 200 households since early October.

The Sowee website currently offers a ‘Pack Sowee’ package bundling together a Wi-Fi-enabled smart home system, a thermostat with an 868 MHz radio connection and a gas supply service, subject to a 36-month contract. The ‘Pack Sowee’ equipment is priced EUR 5.50 a month with an initial one-off charge of EUR 99. Users can monitor and optimise their gas and electricity consumption via a dedicated app available for Android and iOS devices, used in conjunction with smart sensors and a connected thermostat in the home.