Review: Lucis NuBryte

Lester Victor Marks / AppleInsider

For home automation lovers every device is important and they do their best to get all of them. But none of them wants to buy thirty or more devices and spend much money on them. Great News! NuBryte solves all these issues and brings home automation on a very high level. NuBryte is a home lighting and safety console designed to turn any home into a smart home, without buying so many devices. Are you interested? Get the review below with all its specifications and advantages.

NuBryte: Main Features

NuBryte consists of main Touchpoint device which is a 5-inch touch screen display which replaces a single or double light switch plate. It easily connects to your Wi-Fi and allows you to control 2 light fixtures, from an iOS app or from the touch screen itself. This all-in-one device is armed with home security and smart home technologies which consists of the following:

  1. video camera
  2. motion sensor
  3. temperature sensor
  4. humidity sensor
  5. electric current detector

NuBryte Flex: How it works

The NuBryte Flex is light switch with an LED locator, and works if you have a Touchpoint. There’s a Flex for single light fixture switch plates, double light fixture switch plates, three light fixture switch plates and four light fixture switch plates. It can seem a bit complicated, but follow me and we will succeed!

Each NuBryte Flex works the same way. They all connect to the Touchpoint via Wi-Fi and have motion sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and current detection. As soon as LED light glows at night, you can control the lights by pushing the switch.

NuBryte – Your N1 Smart Home Connector

Now you can ask: how finally NuBryte turns my home into SMART home? There are several ways that NuBryte can do this. All of this happens through the Touchpoint and Flex switches, connected with the smartphone app.

Control Lighting
One of the basic functions of NuBryte is to control lighting. It works with whatever bulbs you have and no need to worry about replacing all of your bulbs with smart bulbs.

NuBryte allows you to control your lights from the console or remotely from the app. It can be also set to automatically turn off when you leave a room or to turn on when you come in.

Save Energy
Want to save money on energy?  NuBryte can help you. The console tracks the energy consumption of the lights and you can even check your energy usage data on the Touchpoint.

Home Security
NuBryte has the power to control home which is self-monitored. Every Touch point and Flex has a motion sensor, allowing them to work together as a multi-room security system.

The Touchpoint also contains a video camera, allowing you to view live feed on the app of the console’s 120 degree field of view.

NuBryte is a perfect home automation device which brings everything on a high level.

With the single gang Touchpoint selling for $199 and the double gang at $229, it’s about the cost of other self-monitored home security cameras.

It is all in one device which is able to deliver amazing performance and safety. Why not to try?