Does Your Robot Vacuum, Facebook?

Neato Adds Chatbot Allowing Users To Communicate With Their Robot Vacuum Through Facebook

From the holy shit you won’t believe it category, Neato, the world leader in smart robots for the home, has made their smart robot vacuum cleaners, even smarter. How, you ask? By integrating a new Neato Chatbot which will allow you to communicate with your vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world via Facebook.

Have you ever been out to a dinner gathering and decided that you were going back to the house? Has the floor been vacuumed? Now all you have to do is hit your robot vacuum cleaner up on Facebook and tell it to get to work.

Neato offers the widest choice possible to operate your robot vacuum from anywhere and customers can choose how to interact with their robot via the Neato App, Amazon Alexa Skill and now the Neato Chatbot. This further extends Neato’s vision of SmartLifeTM —using technology that integrates to your lifestyle, makes life better, and fulfills the vision of smart living.

Neato Robotics, ChatbotNeato Chatbot is available worldwide across Facebook and Messenger apps. It is supported by all Neato connected robot vacuums including Botvac Connected, Botvac D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected. Neato Chatbot is an exciting step offering consumers the chance to ‘friend’ their robot, ensuring their Neato robot vacuum is truly integrated into the home.

They’ve also opened up a new developer network, you know just in case your neighborhood .net developer wants to try a gander or two at a vacuum cleaner. Actually, this is more fun stuff for people that rather have a robot clean, because who wouldn’t?

The Neato Developer Network provides access to its cloud platform enabling developers to build third party applications that can interact with Neato robots. Neato Robotics makes available Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs with supporting documentation and sample app to make it easier for developers to build their own services on top of Neato technology.

“We have found that there is a desire for third party developers to integrate with our robots to create interesting usage feedback and implement other creative ideas. We embrace these third-party integrations by providing official documentation and SDKs in a newly created Developer Network, to ensure that the connected world of Neato robots continues to grow at a rapid pace.” Robert Ostinelli, Director of Cloud Services at Neato Robotics said.

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