CES 2017 News: Accenture Sees Artificial Intelligence As 1st Major Tech Trend Of 2017

The incoming year 2017 would see more artificial intelligence being used by device manufacturers whose gadgets would be on exhibit at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.  ( Getty Images )

Tech experts agree that virtual reality and artificial intelligence are two major technological trends in 2017. One event that would confirm their forecast is the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2017, in Las Vegas during the first week of January.

Ahead of CES 2017, John Curran, Accenture managing director for communications, media and tech, identified five major tech trends he expects to see at the show. On top of his list is artificial intelligence which was also cited by Mashable in its 2017 tech forecast.

Pervasive AI

Curran says AI would be the story of CES 2017. “It’s a golden thread that will be woven through so many of the technologies that we’re going to see at CES,” the Accenture official says. He expects AI to be present in vehicles, robots, smartphones and health and fitness devices, Venturebeat reports.

AI would be the result of the convergence of big data and analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and connectivity. It presents an opportunity for gadget makers and companies that are building services to run on the devices by leveraging AI and creating natural customer interfaces which are easier to use and more intuitive. Besides AI, Curran says he expects to see intelligent assistants at CES 2017.

Internet Of Things

He explains it would be made up of gadgets or services that use both AI and natural language processing to assist people control their devices at home or engage with services. Curran says the third major tech trend he expects at CES 2017 is “insecurity of things” which refers to the challenges posed by the Internet of Things that uses connected devices to make daily life easier. However, a lot of the designs of the companies behind IoT devices have tension due to lack of security which makes it easy to hack.

Marketwatch agrees that as almost 200,000 attend CES 2017 on Jan. 5-8, IoT, self-driving vehicles, drones, robots, mixed reality and smart energy are expected to be the focus of the annual event.

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