Cannot get connected home adapter to work on HR24 – DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Cannot get connected home adapter to work on HR24 Had another HR24 receiver go bad (3rd one within a year) and they are sending me a new one (3-5 days). Grabbed the receiver out of my garage (also an HR24) and hooked it up in the house. Got it up and working with the exception of the internet feature. My old HR24 was hooked up to a Directv connected home adapter. Out of my wall is 2 – coax cables, 1 goes to input #1 on the far left of the back of the receiver. The other one goes to the home adapter. The adapter also has an ethernet cable going to my router and a power cable going into the wall. I have a power light and network light illuminated green. I am fairly certain these connections are exactly the same as my original box with working internet before. No matter how many times I try to connect thru the settings or reset the receiver, I cannot get the internet to work. When I called Directv, they couldn’t figure it out either and said they would send me the new style cinema adapter but, it will take another 3-5 days and I was hoping to get the internet working before then. Any suggestions???