Canary Home Security Attains First IoT Security Certification from ICSA Labs

In a recent announcement, IoT home security startup Canary announced that it has passed rigorous testing to attain the first Internet of Things (IoT) security certification from ICSA Labs, a leading third-party testing and certification body and an independent division of Verizon.

Canary’s all-in-one solution will now carry the ICSA Labs IoT mark of approval, which indicates that the solution underwent stringent security testing. The Canary device is designed to help consumers safeguard their homes by sending alerts to an app on a smartphone when activity is detected. Users can then view a live video stream and sound a 90-decibel siren or call local authorities via the app.

In addition, ICSA Labs found no criteria violations requiring correction or retesting of its device. ICSA Labs uses its IoT Device Security Testing Framework as the basis for all IoT security certification testing. The framework uses six categories of testing elements (alert/logging, cryptography, authentication, communications, physical security, and platform security) and applies a set of security and privacy testing requirements appropriate for the particular kind or type of IoT device tested. 

As part of the certification process, the Canary device will be tested over its lifecycle at regularly established intervals to verify the device remains secure.

“In an industry as fast growing and diverse as the Internet of Things, data security is too often an afterthought,” said Chris Rill, co-founder and CTO, Canary. “Until now, there hasn’t been a trusted resource to vet many of the connected home products currently flooding the market. For decades, ICSA has been a reliable and responsible institution that has tested and certified thousands of IT products. There isn’t a better organization to set the standard for how IoT devices should be developed and assessed. We worked from day one to make sure Canary can sit securely in your home and we’re thrilled to be the first product to receive this certification.”

Security is a critical function of all IoT devices, consumer and enterprise or industrial. We’ve only just begun reaping the coming whirlwind if we don’t make systemic changes to standards and procedures for security and privacy protections.

“Our IoT Testing and Certification Program directly addresses the number one concern among IoT technology adopters which is security,” said George Japak, managing director, ICSA Labs. “With the ICSA Labs certification seal, Canary home security system consumers are reassured that the device they selected meets our stringent security requirements for IoT devices.”

Edited by Alicia Young