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Internet of Things

Developers, makers and hobbyists that are building projects and devices for the Internet of Things may be interested in a small development board which combines a motor shield, Bluetooth shield, Wi-Fi shield, sensor shield and a wireless programming shield into one handy device called the BluBug.

Watch the video below to learn more about the BluBug and how it can be easily programmed to carry out a variety of different applications thanks to its wealth of different components on a small form factor board.

The creators of BluBug explain a little more about its design and capabilities.

A time, energy and money saving device for all your IoT projects. Now monitor sensor data and control motors from a remote location over the internet. No more hassle of plugging the Arduino to your PC – upload a code from the Arduino IDE wirelessly over Bluetooth. BluBug comes with an Android app for controlling robots via a virtual joystick, switching relays to make your home automation dream a reality, observing live sensor behavior from a distant place and a lot more cool stuff. It also features a Bluetooth Terminal like Arduino’s Serial Monitor.

Buying a shield for every other purpose can have many drawbacks – the irritation of connecting and disconnecting the shields, soldering berg sticks on the shields, the time and effort that goes into doing these things and not to mention how heavy all this can be on our pockets! BluBug solves all these problems:

– An all-in-one motor shield, Bluetooth shield, Wi-Fi shield, sensor shield and a wireless programming shield compatible with Arduino UNO,stm32 nucleo, Mega and Renesas (GR-Peach).
– BluBug allows you to upload codes wirelessly from the Arduino IDE over Bluetooth. This is especially useful where the system is deployed in a far-off location and you can’t afford to have wires dangling around for uploading sketches, seeing data on serial monitor, debugging, etc.
– The BluBug app that comes along with the board lets you remotely monitor sensor data and control motors in real time.
– There is provision to connect DC, stepper and servo motors, analog sensors, AC devices, etc. making it a perfect choice for your IoT and robotics projects.

For more information on the new BluBug jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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