BlackBerry wants to be the guardian angel of the Internet of Things

BlackBerry, which in the past bought many small businesses, consolidating its purchases now. BlackBerry smartphones will manufacture over, but intends to make money by ensuring the protection of the Internet of things.

The Canadian company has dubbed his BlackBerry Secure activity. According to her, there are now already two billion smart devices that nothing in business. And in 2020, that number would rise to 7.3 billion.

In recent years, BlackBerry has bought Watchdox particular, where people can share documents securely. Watchdox is now called BlackBerry Workspaces. Good Dynamics, where mobile apps can be developed, for its part becomes BlackBerry Dynamics. As for Strong Authentication, allowing people to connect quickly with a two-factor authentication, it turns into BlackBerry 2FA. Under this new lap that also comes the redemption of AtHoc, where organizations can send help messages to mobile phones.

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