Android N New Features: Split-Screen Mode, Google Assistant, Instant Apps And More

Google I/O 2016

Google’s I/O Conference will not conclude without revealing new details about the upcoming new Android mobile operating system, currently only known as Android N. As many have expected, Google has announced new features that will be found in Android N, along with other details.

Here are some of the features Android fans can look forward to in Android N.

Split-Screen Mode

A split-screen feature has previously been seen in Android smartphones offered by Samsung and LG, but Android N will now be offering native support for the feature so that all smartphones and tablets can use it. In addition to split-screen mode, Android N will have a picture-in-picture option.

Google Assistant

The new software is the same one used by Google for the Google Home device, and is an improvement on what Google Now can offer. Instead of functioning as a search box that can recognize voice commands, the artificial intelligence-powered software will simulate actual conversations and can infer commands based on context, similar to Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

Instant Apps

The Instant Apps feature will allow users to launch apps without the need to install them on their Android device. Opening the app will be as fast as loading a Web page, which is more convenient for users carrying out tasks in their Android smartphones and tablets.

Doze On The Go

Google has launched Doze with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, in which the feature helps save battery power by pausing any background activity while the device is idle and still. Doze On The Go is a progression of Doze, as it works the same way, but activates even if the device is in motion, such as while the user has the smartphone in a pocket while walking.

VR Mode

Android N will also feature a VR mode as part of Google’s wider VR initiative named Daydream. Android smartphone manufacturers will be launching Daydream Ready devices in the fall, which will give access to content from partner media companies such as HBO, CNN, Netflix, the NBA, Hulu, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and IMAX.

Android N has more than 250 new features and enhancements, and it is just the tip of the iceberg of what the upcoming operating system has to offer. Google has released a public beta version of Android N for Nexus devices and Pixel C, so users of these devices looking to try out the operating system can download it now.

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