An open source approach to securing The Internet of Things

At the IoT Evolution 2016 conference in Las Vegas, a group of industry experts gathered to discuss security for the Internet of Things, with a focus on embedded devices.

Moderated by Art Swift, President of the prpl Foundation, the group also included:

Swift kicked off the conversation by saying that the folks at prpl see the IoT as the Internet of Broken Things. He pointed to recent hacking attacks such as the widely publicized Chrysler‑Jeep, insulin pumps, and 737s. Regardless of whether these hacks were malicious or simply done in the name of research, the fact is that it is possible today to hack into just about any connected device. Across all of these products, says Swift, hackers can reverse engineer, exploit a weak implementation, modify or reflash the firmware, and then move laterally across the system.

“Given this backdrop of Internet of Broken Things where lives are really at risk now… It’s not just money, it’s not just financial pain, it’s not company reputation, but in the IoT it could really be life.”

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