Amazon Echo: Alexa Goes Online – Echoism.IO

When Amazon came out with the Amazon Echo, the company took off in a whole new direction of progress. The company dived right into the gen-next technology, and did it before anyone else, making a name for itself in the markets. However, with the passing times, competition too is bound to increase. During the Google I/O 2016, it was observed that Google is now coming out with a competitor for Echo – Google Home. Amazon has stepped up their game, and has now taken Alexa online – Echoism.IO

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-powered AI assistant has been seen in Echo, Dot and Tap will now be running in your browser. To experience the power of Alexa on your browser, visit

Clicking and holding the Mic button will allow you to experience Alexa in all its might! Amazon has indeed stepped up to the challenge that Google has thrown before them, and before Google could make their first move into the markets, Amazon has moved forward in leaps and bounds, and has brought their technology to everyone with the help of a browser!

Amazon Echo, like most other AI based assistants can do the basic things such as answer a question, find out weather related info, traffic details, news, music etc. but the one thing that has made it extremely popular is the fact that the Amazon Echo integrates itself with a large number of third party applications extremely well.

Users can not only do the basic tasks of talking to the device and asking random information to it, but can also perform tasks such as booking an Uber, playing music via Spotify, ordering Pizza from Dominos, etc.

Amazon’s aim is to take Alexa to the next level, and move it beyond Amazon-owned products. The company released APIs and SDKs so that software and hardware developers could easily integrate it with their devices and software as per their individual needs. This is indeed a big step forward for Amazon.