Amazon Announces Alexa Calling and Messaging on the Echo

Animated image of the glowing led on the Echo

FINALLY, Amazon announces Alexa calling and messaging.

Alexa, call Grace.

Alexa, send a message to Chris.

See the feature in action, then check out the details below to try it for yourself.

Getting started is easy

Download the updated app (iOS, Android)


Complete set‑up including importing your contacts


How do I make a call?

“Alexa, call Mom.”

How do I receive calls?

“Alexa, answer the call.”


How do I send a voice message?

“Alexa, send Jenny a message.”

How do I retrieve messages?
Alexa will announce your messages, a chime will sound, and a green light ring will appear. To hear messages, just ask:

“Alexa, play my messages.”

A new way to be together

Who can I call and message?

You can call or message any contact who also has the free Alexa App on their phone, an Echo, or an Echo Dot, and has enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Once you update the app, you can see which contacts have also enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Don’t see your friends or family in the app? Just forward this email to help them get started.

What if I have an Echo and my dad has an Echo Dot—can we still call or message each other?

What if my friends don’t have an Echo, can I still call or message them from mine?
Those friends would simply need to download the free Alexa App on their phone, available on iOS and Android, and enable Alexa calling and messaging.

How much does Alexa calling and messaging cost?
It’s free.

Where can I learn more?
Learn more about Alexa and Echo here on Amazon

Friends and family don’t have an Echo?
Share the Alexa hands-free experience—for a limited time, save $20 when you buy an Echo Dot 3-pack.