Amazon Alexa Can Now Assist You With Cooking, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) efforts to make its voice-controlled speaker, Echo, useful to owners are never-ending. The Verge confirms that the retail giant has added yet another skill to its Bluetooth speaker, now enabling users to take advice from Alexa in the kitchen.

Alexa functions as Amazon’s virtual assistant. Since the debut of the Echo speaker in 2014, the e-commerce titan’s realization of the growing demand for its device has led it to roll out with two other Alexa-powered, voice-controlled speakers; Tap and Dot.

Now, the latest skill works with popular recipe site, Allrecipes, and lets users have access to almost 60,000 recipes. Alexa also assist users by giving them step-by-step instructions to cook a certain dish. Through this, we believe that the virtual assistant may just be the ideal replacement for house-keeping and cooks in the subsequent future.

Considering that Amazon remains ahead of its rivals thanks to its Echo division, there is a chance that the company’s efforts to ramp up on its number of “skills” have bolstered more with the emergence of the Google Home speaker. Since the trend of using smart-home speakers to control devices has become increasingly common, the online retailer’s position in competitive markets has led to a certain standard and expectation of what a typical Bluetooth speaker should do.

This notion mainly bolstered once the company released its Alexa Skills Kit, incorporating about 3,200 third-party services within its Echo speaker. Through this, users can perform a range of actions, such as getting traffic and weather updates, ordering a pizza from Dominos, calling up an Uber, controlling smart-lights and locks, and more through verbal communication.

We believe that the company’s decision to bring yet another kitchen-oriented skill will be appreciated by a wide segment of its female customers. Since Alexa responds to simple voice commands, it is evident that its assistance in the kitchen will make cooking a whole lot easier!