Amazon Acquires 3 .Club Domain Names

Amazon has acquired three domain names from the .Club registry, matching generic brands the company operates. Amazon acquired Prime.Club, Alexa.Club, and Fire.Club. All three of these domain names were acquired for an undisclosed amount, and Amazon used its corporate registrar for the purchase.

Today is “Prime Day,” at Amazon. The company is offering special deals to customers who are Prime members at Amazon. Prime.Club is being used by Amazon to forward traffic to the Amazon Prime Day landing page with special Prime Day deals. Alexa.Club currently forwards to the Amazon Alexa landing page, and Fire.Club currently forwards to the Amazon Fire landing page.

.Club Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Sass complemented Amazon on its new gTLD strategy.”Unlike many brands, Amazon has done a great job of using various names they’ve registered as logical shortcuts and re-directs to different aspects of the Amazon business,” he told me.

Whether these three domain names were acquired for marketing or defensive purposes, it was wise for Amazon to get them given their generic / descriptive nature. Theoretically, these three domain names could have been used by others. For instance, someone named Alexa could have used Alexa.Club as long as it didn’t infringe on Amazon’s trademarks.

Last month, the .Club registry sold over $100k worth of premium domain names, as detailed in their just published blog post. Jeff told me that this figure includes these three Amazon purchases.