Alexa Now Recognizes Distinct Voices for a Personalized Experience

The features for Alexa just keep improving and evolving. The latest feature to take a big leap forward is Alexa’s voice recognition. Of course, Alexa can recognize human voices already, but now it can also distinguish between individuals by voice alone, helping Alexa to give tailored results depending on who is speaking.

The benefits of this feature are pretty useful. You’re already using this personalization in your favorite web browser. You likely have websites saved as favorites, a bookmarks bar, and many painstakingly chosen add-ons. Customization is something people have begun to expect from smart products. Alexa’s ability to personalize your experience is just an extension of this. There are many tie-ins with other Amazon services such as Amazon Music. Now each member of the Amazon Unlimited Music Family Plan will be able to hear customized music recommendations.

A graphic depicting a man speaking to an Echo
Credit: CSGA

The new ease of use extends to the Amazon Shopping experience too. Customers who were worried about their kids ordering items could setup a code as a form of security. Previously, Alexa would inquire about a code for shopping each time you wanted to make a purchase. The new voice recognition gives Alexa a way to confirm it is you every time without the need for the code.

Voice recognition is now available on the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show (sorry, no luck for Tap and Fire TV owners… yet). There is an instructional video on how to set up this feature on Amazon’s website. You’ll need to fire up your Alexa mobile app. The voice recognition is integrated with calling/messaging and flash briefing as well. Amazon intends to integrate voice recognition with more Alexa features in the future. Given the wave of purchases being made by TV commercials, and children, we anticipate a major feature being the ability to put restrictions on who can make purchases.

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