Alexa Developers Zero to Hero, Part 8 Video: Alexa Presentation Language (APL), Part 1

This is an Alexa Skills training video tutorial from Alexa Developers. Here is the YouTube video description:

Traditionally voice enabled devices did not include a screen but this has changed over the last few years. We have the Echo Show, the Fire TV and a whole lot more of device that also provide visuals. As Alexa skill developers we need to learn how to use APL, the Alexa Presentation Language, to enrich skills with visuals which will help increase engagement. In this first video relarted to APL we’ll take a look at the foundations of an APL document and use it in various intents and in the next video we’ll go a bit deeper.

Topics Covered:
1. APL RenderDocument and APL Directive
2. APL Databinding and APL Authoring Tool
3. APL Styles, Layouts and ViewPorts
4. APL Transformers (Text to Hint)
5. Home Cards
6. Media storage in Alexa-hosted Skills

Zero to Hero Github:
Zero to Hero Github Part 1:

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