Alexa Developers Zero to Hero, Part 3 Video: Slots, Slot Validation & Automatic Dialog Delegation

This is an Alexa Skills training video tutorial from Alexa Developers. Here is the YouTube video description:

In this video we’ll introduce slots to capture variable data spoken by the user and we’ll show how to create validation rules for them. We’ll also show you how to offload the slot value capture mechanics to Alexa by using automatic dialog delegation.

Topics Covered:
1. Slots explanation
2. Built in and custom slot types
3. Synonyms (minimal, we’re not using synonyms, eg. January – first month)
4. Required Slots & Prompts
5. Slot Validation
6. Auto-Delegate, Dialog Delegation Strategy
7. Utterance Profiler
8. Intent Confirmation
9. Basic Intent Chaining

Zero to Hero Github:
Zero to Hero Github Part 3:

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