7 ways Google Home outsmarts Alexa

Why are electronic and department stores owning more and more of the home instead of furniture retailers?

Another neat feature was being able to listen to podcasts on-command, even if I hadn’t subscribed to them. But, which one is better? I bought a Home because I like the design, and I like the sound quality.

Amazon Echo owners can now access the latest news, election coverage, and top stories from CNN’s on-air coverage minutes after broadcast. “If I had to choose today, I’d pick a Google Home”.

That put something into sharper focus: if you want the most out of Google Home, you have to fall in line with the Google universe. The Home is smaller, you can place it wherever you like. This doesn’t mean, though, that Google won’t be able to do the same in the coming years. “Our Amazon skill is at an early stage, but this product is a glimpse into how CNN is exploring fresh ways to reach new audiences across all types of platforms”.

Google is clearly aware that the hotword is the same for the Home and the Pixel.

Accuracy is supreme on both devices.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon imperium will not let Google to easily waltz in between them and shoppers. Both devices will recognize your voice even if there is a background noise present, or if you are meters away from them. You’ll need to get Chromecast Audio ($35) to connect Google home to an outside audio source. It also explicitly tells you to use OK Google during the setup. With the Google Home, I’m somewhat out of luck.

Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana – virtual assistants that are battling each other. We can hear more distortion at louder volumes in Google Home.

The main difference between Google Home and Amazon Echo is that the former can tap into the huge database that its parent company offers. You can connect various fast food brands apps and order food in a couple of seconds. Google Home can sync with just a couple of apps, like Spotify and Uber.

But ultimately, the Google Home – and any voice-controlled device – is an investment in future technology.