5 Latest Tech Trends That Will Shape 2017

Welcome, 2017! As the world welcomes New Year, it is interesting to find out what significant changes technology brings to life in 2017.

The comeback of virtual reality marked 2016, as seen on the popularity of Pokemon Go games. But last year was also seen as a failure like what happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following the explosion incident. However, life goes on. There are always innovations and breakthroughs that will make life easier than before.

Here are some trends in technology which are expected to change the world in 2017 as summarized by DigitalTrends.


Internet Of Things (IoT): The world relies on the internet so much. In simple language, internet of things is defined when all home objects are connected so people can send and receive data easier. Sounds amazing, right? However, the implementation of IoT is not as simple as it sounds. There are several wireless technologies available for the home such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and much more. In addition, some home platforms seem to be great too such as Iris by Lowe’s, Comcast, or SmartThinks.

But not all home device works well with home platforms. For example, your Phillips Hue’s lamps can’t work with Lowe’s Iris. The Internet of Things also faces several challenges such as data security (because combining the digital and the physical objects require a strict security standard to prevent from being hacked), data control and access (it is about who owns the data created by the devices), as explained by Datafloq.

Automation: The song”Automatic” by country star Miranda Lambert describes how our life is changing thanks to the role of technology. Automation is common for business. There are lots of business automation software manufacturers out there, helping check incoming and outgoing stocks, attendance, and so on. Automation simplifies everything and boosts efficiency. However, there is also a negative side: lack of interpersonal interaction.

Synthetic food: The world is getting more crowded while the Earth has reached its limit to feed its people. This problem triggers a solution that there should be an innovation that can provide meals for all. Synthetic food is probably the best answer.


How can this kind of food be made? From a powder called Soylent, that contains all nutritions humans need. However, the problem arises as this food is not tasty.

Another solution is to grow food in a lab to guarantee its safety. Experts will work harder to make synthetic food tastes better and the presence of this food will help the world eat more healthily.

3D Printing: 3D printers are sold at US$ 200-US$ 300 and the price can be cheaper than that. New models will be available offered at lower prices (101 Hero for US$ 99 and PocketMaker 3D for US$ 149).

The blurry digital and physical world: Pokemon Go was a big hit in 2016. At least, this is the modern game that forces kids to leave couches and move to seek Pokemon. The world will likely see some augmented reality games like Pokemon Go this year.

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