Turn Alexa Echo Dot and Amazon Echo into Portable Devices

Amazon currently offers three Alexa-enabled devices: the Echo, the Dot, and Tap – with the Tap being the only version in the bunch that is intended to provide portability. But, with a couple accessories, you can also turn the Dot and Echo into devices you can shift quickly to other areas in the house, take outside on the porch or in the garden, or take on the road.

Both the Echo and the Dot require an AC adapter to be connected, so out of the box, when you want to move each device, you must first shut them down and then wait for them to boot back up at a new location – provided the new location has a power plug near. With the Tap, Amazon has included a rechargeable battery. But, wouldn’t it be nice if the Echo or the Dot could also retain a charge without having to be plugged in constantly?

Well, they can with add-on accessories.

Both the Echo and the Dot have third party battery bases available. I’ve tested the one for the Dot and it works great. The maker says the battery will power the Dot for up to 6 hours. I’ve not tested it for that length of time, but am happy that I can move the Dot throughout the house. Currently, I frequently move it from my bedroom to my home office during the day and then back again for nighttime. The one for the Dot raises the Dot’s profile a bit, but the value is worth the extra bulk. Installation is easy and the way it combines power sources means your Dot will effectively never lose power.

For the Dot: Evo – an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot

I’ve not tested the one for the Echo, but plan to soon – though I’m not sure how practical it is to carry the Echo around. The only reason you’d really want to move the larger Echo around is to take advantage of the built-in power speakers for a patio dinner party or something similar.

For the Echo: Portable Battery Base for Echo