The Best Secret Feature That Was Brought By Android 7.0 Nougat

Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners have recently received Google’s latest operating system update. The update came under the name Android 7.0 Nougat and it significantly improved the overall Android user experience. The Android parent equipped the new operating system with a bunch of features but there’s one that stand out the most. We are talking about the highly anticipated Google Assistant.

Taking in consideration the fact that all other major flagship smartphones already have a virtual assistant, it was expected that Google will introduce its own. This is where Google Assistant comes in. Sadly, not all Android powered devices are eligible to receive this update. Only Google’s latest Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are able to enjoy from this new artificial intelligence software.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Google decided to make this feature a Pixel exclusive. It’s a common known fact that Google is trying to get rid of the Nexus brand in favor of the brand new Pixel one. The way Google is doing this is by slowly but surely excluding Nexus devices from its Android operating system updates and features.

We can be sure that customers will be more inclined to acquire a newer and expensive Pixel smartphone now. Especially, since it brings the “complete” Nougat experience with it. Nonetheless, having this virtual assistant can come in quite handy. Users will be able to control their Pixel smartphones only through vocal command. The AI assistant is able to execute commands such as “set reminder”, “schedule meeting” and so on.

What sets Google’s AI assistant apart from the others is the fact that it’s able to comprehend complex questions. For example, if you ask “How long is the road to London?” and then ask “How’s the weather there?” the AI will know that you are referring to London’s weather.

This AI assistant is also used on Google’s Home device. Reports have been showing that it’s even better than Amazon’s Alexa. We can be sure that Google will keep on updating it with additional features in the upcoming future. Also, the Nexus community is still waiting for this virtual assistant to come their way but this won’t happen any time soon.