Starbucks testing voice ordering on Amazon Alexa-supported devices

Starbucks previously introduced its mobile app where you can pre-order drinks and just pick them up at the nearest branch stated by the app. But if using your fingers to place your coffee order is a bit too much for you, the coffeeshop is now letting you order through a voice chat in the My Starbucks barista app. They are only testing out this “on-command ordering” for selected customers for nowwho are on the Amazon Alexa platform.

Basically, the integration of the Starbucks app to Alexa is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve enabled this skill to Alexa’s dashboard, you need to connect your Starbucks account of course. Once you’re fully linked, all you need to do is say “Alexa, order my Starbucks” and it will show you the favorites from one of the last 10 stores where you last ordered from.

Or you can also tell the chat bot (just for iOS for now) specifically what you’re ordering and it will give you updated information about the menu items, prices, availability, etc. Once you’ve reached the check-out part, it will tell you the pick-up location, give you a list of payment methods, and finally when all is set, you can place your order.

For now, only 1,000 iOS users in the US will be able to use this on-command feature. An Android version will come out later this year, with no specific month or date yet. This is great news for users who are too busy to fall in line but need their caffeine fix. Not so great news for the already harried baristas.

SOURCE: Starbucks