New Amazon Fire TV Stick Introduces Alexa voice control to Your TV

The great thing about the new Amazon Fire TV Stick is that it comes with the Alexa voice remote feature. It is not a secret that this company rules the voice assistant market.

Adding Alexa on its newest Fire TV Stick represents a huge advantage for the device.

Amazon’s Alexa is way ahead other rivals, for example Microsoft, Apple and Google. These high-tech companies have to work more to keep up with the leader.

Amazon doesn’t make phones anymore, but it seems that it is doing a great job building the talking digital assistant into devices beyond its well-known smart-speakers Echo and Dot. We are talking about the cheapest Fire TV Stick.

This new Stick comes with Alexa Voice Remote and it is available at the price of 40 dollars. People will be able to buy this new device starting with April 6.

The new feature is always on, but not always listening. This is what Amazon has declared when it has presented the new Fire TV Stick.

Moreover, the company declared that this new device requires customers’ TV to be powered up and people will have to talk into the remote while they hold down the mic button. Once users manage to do that, the new device behaves just like any other Alexa device.

Its female voice has the ability to reply to people’s questions, for example “Tell me the latest news,” “or “What’s the weather?”

Alexa will respond to these questions via the TV’s speakers. This is something new, because, as we know Apple TV’s Siri remains silent for now.

However, that is not the reason why people are buying this new Stick. Most customers are buying the new Amazon Stick for streaming videos.

This Stick is one of the best devices on the market and the cheapest, as well. Just like its predecessors, the new Amazon Fire TV Stick is able to stream high-end videos and work with Alexa. But, now, the company updated it, added voice remote and made it faster.

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick remains an incredible value with plenty of content. People who are living in the UK will be able to enjoy online services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, My5, ITV Hub, All 4 and Curzon Home Cinema.

To be added that Amazon Video also comes with a large list of offerings of its original programs, for example “Transparent,” “the Man in the High Castle” and “The Grand Tour.”

So, this is a huge attraction, especially for people who are Amazon video watchers. Now, the best thing is that people will also be able to talk, rather than press buttons.

But, we must add that compared with Roku’s streaming stick, which is available at the price of 50 dollars, Amazon falls a bit short.

The main difference is given by the on-screen user interface. Still, Amazon’s interface is pushing its own shows and videos in the front, instead of providing an equal playing field for all apps, for example YouTube, Netflix, WatchESPN, Hulu, and many others.