Nest is Expanding the Range of Smart Home Products

For those of you who might not be familiar with the name, Nest is the smart home company that was bought by Alphabet back in 2014. They want to expand their range of smart home products with some new, updated devices that can be tied to the apps you have on your mobile device, as Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has recently declared.

The new products the team is working on are apparently an alarm system for your home, which includes window and door sensors, a smart doorbell that comes together with a camera and a key fob that helps arming and disarming the alarm. Truth be told, Nest has been going through quite a crazy period, since Tony Fadell, cofounder and CEO, received lots of criticism for its management and its stand-by phase, and as a consequence he resigned.

With the help of the new products, the company will be able to underline their presence on the market and to expand their ecosystem when it comes to smart homes, offering a great solution for users who currently have to combine various devices from various companies.

For the moment, Nest only brings a smart thermostat, a smoke alarm and monitoring cameras both for the indoor and the outdoor, which is quite a small range of devices. The three products they should release soon would complete the smart home solutions they are offering, especially if you think about security and safety of the user and of its home.

According to Gurman, Nest will make some models of their lineup services available next year, together with a cheaper alternative to their thermostat. The updated version of it could change the temperature in your home by taking into account the usage patterns. The current version costs $249, while the upcoming one is rumored to cost less than $200.