Logitech ZeroTouch Lets You Use Amazon Alexa In Any Vehicle

Well, we are already accustomed to the facilities and features of Amazon Alexa. The virtual assistant can do a lot of tasks. Both the automobile giants, Ford and Volkswagen, showed their interest in implementing Amazon Alexa inside their cars. Now, Logitech is planning to bring Amazon Alexa into cars. They are naming the technology as Logitech ZeroTouch. Considering the hardware, the trick is just a car mount for your phone.

Ease of use

The device will come in two forms, one is a dashboard mount, and the other is an air conditioner mount. They are integrated with the ZeroTouch App. Now you can control your phone and many other functions while driving just by using voice and gestures. For instance, you can just wave a hand in front of the phone and ask it to call a friend or pull up directions to a particular restaurant. Everything is done with the voice commands. You won’t have to check the phone’s display.

The ZeroTouch integration facility officially started rolling 7th February. It comes with Alexa’s functionality. So you can ask her to do things like play audiobooks, stream tunes from Amazon Music and even order any things that you like. Anything that you used to do with Amazon’s Echo or Dot, you can do it with ZeroTouch. All you need is an Amazon Account.

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How to use Logitech ZeroTouch?

To use the ZeroTouch facility, all you need is a small piece of metal at the back of your smartphone. When you get into the car, that metal will connect the magnet to the dock for mounting your phone. Once it is mounted, the ZeroTouch app automatically launches. So there is not too much hassle for using the app. It will work just fine. When you remove the phone from the dock, the app will close on its own. Using Logitech ZeroTouch is just ideal for reading and responding to texts while you are on the road. The beta version of Alexa integrated ZeroTouch released a few weeks ago. Finally, the official version of Alexa integrated ZeroTouch app released on 7th February.

Price and useful features

The app works so efficiently that if you were hearing news, then left your car for some time, when you come back, it will start reading from where it stopped. For some, the most compelling feature of the integrated device is the to-do list. When you are driving, it’s hard for you to remember what you need to do after some time. With Alexa integrated into your car, you can create a to-do list with things that you have to do.

Logitech ZeroTouch is just the beginning of the smart assistants that you will see this year. It is not only in your rooms; gradually it will come everywhere. The price is also pretty modest. You can get it at $59.99 or $79.99 depending on whether you want that Air vent or Dashboard to mount.