Little Known App Reverb Allows Mac Desktop Or iOS Devices To Access Amazon's Alexa Virtual …

Mac users could download Reverb for Amazon Alexa for free from the Mac App Store, while iPhone and iPad user should go to the iOS App Store.  ( Brandon Geekabit/YouTube )

Reverb, a free app developed by Rain, a digital consultancy in the U.S., not only allows users to access the virtual assistant of Amazon from their iOS devices. It could also enable third-party skills by just using a voice command.

How To Use Reverb

The little-known app, Reverb, first signs in users to their Amazon account which would open to Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon. What users would see is the blue Alexa ring on their screen which they must click and hold using the mouse cursor. If there in an Internet connection, Amazon listens and replies to questions and commands often aimed at the range of smart speakers of the e-commerce giant, MacRumors reports.

By using Alexa v2, Reverb’s latest version adds support for news flashes, alarms, audio books, timers, long-form audio and more. The app is also capable of interacting with lights, switches, thermostats compatible with Philip Hue, WeMo, Samsung SmartThings and other brands as well as other smart devices compatible with Alexa.

Third-Party Skills

Using the voice command “Enable bird songs” of Reverb would enable third-party skills such as the laundrapp, UBER, SkySpports, Hive, Just Eat and Jamie Oliver. For instance, to enable the ride-hailing app, the user would have to say: “Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride,” according to Amazon. To adjust the temperature using the Netatmo app, the user must say: “Alexa, decrease the thermostat by two degrees.”

By using Reverb, Echo owners who want Alexa to be available in their office or study do not need to purchase a more supporting device. Those who want to buy Echo could first test the service before buying. Mac users could also compare the services of Siri and Alexa on their desktops using Reverb.

Mac users could download Reverb for Amazon Alexa for free from the Mac App Store, while iPhone and iPad users should go to the iOS App Store.

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