LG G6: Water-resistant But Removable Battery Out!

LG G6 will have water-resistant feature.  ( Youtube / TechTalkTV )

“LG G6” is on the way but one functionality all LG users love will be out for sure. According to a new report, LG will have to do away with the removable battery in lieu of another favorable feature. The next LG flagship phone will soon be water-resistant, yet “LG G5” will be the last from its line to have a detachable battery.

LG G6” battery will not have a removable battery as planned by the firm familiar with the device’s production. According to sources, the new Smartphone will seal the battery in enabling a water-proof design. For the past few releases, the non-removable batteries have become a staple part of the Samsung Galaxy S series and Apple iPhones while LG refused to mimic their ideas.

However, it seems like the company had a change of heart and will be transitioning to the non-removable battery soon, out from the league of few phone makers that still enables users to plug their batteries out of their phones if they want to. The said feature made LG on top of its contemporaries, standing out from all their contemporaries. This really plummeted their sales especially when Samsung took the step of sealing their batteries inside the Smartphone just two years ago.

With the changes in time, “LG G6” will definitely be something to look forward to as it is released at next month’s MWC 2017. Well, at least, there is Google Assistant feature in it aside from its water-resistant feature.

The Google Assistant on tap will make it the second Smartphone after Google Pixel to use a virtual helper. Amazon Alexa was originally considered for this but the company opted to offer it in Smartphones later this year. The said phone will be helpful especially for those who keep on dropping their phones near sinks. Still, all eyes are glued on what the new device can offer and see the changes in user experience as compared to its predecessors.

“LG G6” is also set to have a very stylish look with a larger 18×9 screen with barely-seen bezels. It will be running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor, which is not the most recent chip from the company. However, the older silicon brings a whole new power to the LG phone as it beats Samsung Galaxy S8 to the market. Latest news about the Galaxy S8 is that it will be launched a month after the “LG G6” is revealed, on March 29th.

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