It's Here: Google Home Support Is Available for Multiple Users

multiple users support

Google Home decided to add support for multiple users.

Google Home is one of the best smart home devices. Along with Amazon Echo, they are leaders of the smart home industry. Now, Google wants to get the edge and add one feature that everyone’s been asking for: support for multiple users. Smart assistants are now a new trend on the market. More and more companies are trying to design the perfect digital assistant that suits their customers. To do so, they are making changes every day.

Support for Multiple Users in the Same Home

Like any other product available on the market, Google Home has some minor issues they need to deal with. One of those problems could besolved now. Since there are more members of the family that use the same device but have different tastes, Google Home will now add support for multiple users.

The tech giant just updated the app for Google Home. Now, users can see a message on the Discover Tab saying “multiple users are now supported”. Despite the fact that users received this message, the feature is still not available. Google have mentioned that they will make it available very soon.

Why Does Google Home Need Multiple Users’ Support?

You may be wondering why does the digital assistant need multiple users support since it is used by the same members of a family. Well, being from the same family doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the same taste as your husband or sister. This is why Google Home decided to finally make this device available for further customization.

First, digital assistants for a smart home systems need to start recognizing different voices. By doing so, they can change the experience for every user. The devices thus start to know all the users and show them appropriate suggestions.For those men who like to relax watching the game, Google Home will show what’s playing right then. It can also suggest nearby places that deliver beer and snacks.

This feature should add one more important feature: child proofing. Nobody wants to come home to their children having ordered candies and toys through Google Home without their permission. With the help of multiple users’ support, Google Assistant needs to be able to recognize the voice of children and to know what they can and cannot do on the device.

Parents should be able to set boundaries for their children. For instance, they can choose what TV show their children can watch. After that, they could go to Google Home and restrict access to those shows specifically. Therefore, when a child asks Google Home for something, the assistant should recognize their voice and show only what the kid is allowed to watch.

What is your opinion about this update? Do you think that Google Home needs to support multiple users? Could this give Google Home the edge it needs over other, similar services?

Image source: Flickr