Integron and iVEDiX to Showcase Connected Healthcare Solutions at HIMSS17

Joint offering improves reliability, security, and delivery of critical health data for the mobile and connected healthcare market

ROCHESTER, NY – FEBRUARY 17, 2017 – Integron, a leading provider of managed services for the connected health and Internet of Things (IoT) industry, today announced it is partnering with iVEDiX to showcase mobile connected health solutions at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS17).

Connected Health and remote patient monitoring is an emerging trend in the healthcare industry, where innovative healthcare providers are openly embracing connected health technologies to improve care, reduce the cost of healthcare and engage patients. Recently, a 2016 HIMSS Connected Health Survey highlighted that 52 percent of U.S. hospitals currently use three or more connected health technologies, and 47 percent plan to expand their use in the next few years.

Integron has partnered with iVEDiX, a leader in digital transformation and healthcare solutions throughout the continuum of care, to offer a comprehensive solution to address several of the challenges associated with connecting, securing, and visualizing solutions that utilize patient generated health data, telemedicine and remote patient-monitoring. Remote patient monitoring involves everything from connectivity, security, and device management to the actual visualization and business process tied to the clinical data being received. These challenges represent two very different but critical aspects of a complete solution: 1) the devices and network infrastructure must be secure, reliable, and cost effective, and 2) the clinical data must be able to be utilized effectively by healthcare providers.

“We are excited to be partnering with iVEDiX to provide a complete, end-to-end solution for the mobile and connected healthcare market”, stated Bryan Lubel, President of Integron. “The combination of connectivity, security, and device management provided through Integron’s managed IoT services, and real-time access to health information visible through the iVEDiX mobile analytics platform ensures reliability, enables time savings, and improves quality of care – creating an extraordinary clinician and patient experience.”

The joint solution involves not only ensuring a secure network and devices that are efficiently managed, but also being able to capitalize effectively on the clinical data being captured. For healthcare providers, the solution provides cost optimization as well as improved decision making and coordination between all the various constituents and the fragmented systems that reside across the landscape from the Hospital to the Primary Care Practice to the Home Health Agency. The benefits extend to enhanced communication via real-time alerts, as well as the ability to predict outcomes and recommend interventions for the patient population using predictive analytics.

“At iVEDiX, our mobile analytics platform provides easy, real-time access to health information and improved decision making across the fragmented systems that reside within the healthcare landscape,” stated Ameet Bhattacharya, SVP Healthcare Practice at iVEDiX. “However, we realize that we are only half the story. Integron solves the hidden challenges associated with connectivity, data security, and ongoing logistics and support. We are pleased to be partnering with Integron for this unique solution.”

More than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors will be attending the annual HIMSS conference Feb. 19-23 in Orlando, FL. Integron and iVEDiX will be showcasing their joint solution and featuring live demonstrations at booth 2387. To learn more or schedule a meeting with iVEDiX and Integron executives at HIMSS17, contact us at

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