Hayo Turns Your Gestures Into Controls For Your Smart Appliances

The concept of using gestures to control objects isn’t new. We’ve seen that in old technology like the clapper where clapping your hands turns the lights on or off. However its function was a bit limited, and with our homes these days becoming increasingly connected, the technology needed to step up its game, and this is where Hayo comes in.

Hayo is a device that you can place in your home where it reimagines the concept of augmented reality. What we know of AR at the moment consists of digitally overlaying content on top of real-life objects, and Hayo wants to redefine that by augmenting reality by turning our gestures into commands in which we can use to control household appliances.

For example what if you wanted to control your speakers remotely? Instead of fumbling for the connected app, you can instead use Hayo where a gesture like raising your arm will turn the speakers on, or tapping the corner of your coffee table to adjust the volume. Or how about instead of clapping your hands to turn lights on and off, what if you could just point at your lights to control it?

This means that whenever you arrive home and with a flick or your wrist, a wave of your hand, or moving your arm, you’d be able to adjust and control all sorts of appliances in your house; wouldn’t be awesome? If this sounds like the kind of connected home you’d like to stay in, then hit up its Indiegogo page to help crowdfund Hayo into success.

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