Google Assistant Gains Support For New Smart Home Brands

Google Assistant is gaining support for new smart home brands today as Google has just announced that it has added a couple of new partners to the list of devices which work with the smart A.I., and in turn also work with Google Home. For anyone who has a Google Home speaker and is working towards making their home as smart as can be with connected products, more partners is just about the best thing that Google can probably announce. The new brands that create smart home products which Google has added as new partners of Google Assistant are Belkin WeMo, and Honeywell, which opens up the Google Home speaker to a range of new devices.

Belkin WeMo and Honeywell are simply the latest brands to work with Google Assistant for a smarter, more hands-free home, as when Google Home initially launched it already worked with Samsung’s SmartThings devices, as well as Nest, and Philips Hue. Today’s expanded range of brands includes various products from the two different companies, including Honeywell’s smart thermostat and any of the Belkin WeMo light switches and outlets.

Google highlights a couple of different features that can be used with the newly supported products, like controlling the temperature of the Honeywell Thermostats. This is of course a given as this is exactly what you can do with Google Assistant and Nest, and there isn’t much else a smart thermostat with a supported A.I. would afford its owner. For the Belkin WeMo switches, the same rule applies and you’ll be able to flip the switch so to speak and ask Google Home to turn the lights off. Alternatively, Google Assistant will also support query commands that ask Google if you “left the bedroom lights on.” In addition to adding support for these two new brands of products, Google also details that they’ll be adding support for the Home Control to Pixel devices in the near future. What this means is that you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant to manage and control your smart products (from the supported list) without needing a Google Home speaker to act as the controller, and you’ll be able to use your Pixel device instead. Google doesn’t mention when exactly they’ll be adding Home Control support to the Pixel and Pixel XL, simply that they’re adding the support “soon.”