Cloud, Contact Center, IoT

by Gary Audin

The contact center and CRM systems keep evolving. But should you own the contact center or should you subscribe to one in the cloud? Which is the better way to go? What is happening in the industry? The Internet of Things will also affect the contact center. IoT devices related to human activity will be another input to the contact center agent.

Yogen Patel, VP and GM, Engagement Applications at Avaya and Gary Audin discuss cloud contact centers, their future, and the influences of IoT in this podcast recorded at the 2017 Enterprise Connect conference. Yogen was a panel member of the Executive Forum, “How the Cloud is Changing the Contact Center Market, Part 2” at the conference. The first question posed to the panel members was “Talk about your company’s investment in cloud and premise-based technologies and how you see that playing out over the next five years.” Yogen provides his opinions to this question and others in this podcast. He also goes on to point out that the Internet of Things will affect the contact center. IoT devices that relate to human activities such as productivity, safety, healthcare, and convenience will be part of what the contact center has to deal with in the near future.

Avaya’s Aura® Contact Center uses SIP along with standard SOA and Web-services interfaces to improve connectivity and establish collaborative interaction sessions regardless of media type. Open Web services allow companies to integrate contact center with databases and business applications to provide agents with real time and historical contextual information to improve the effectiveness of interactions.