April 11, 2017 | Raspberry Pi 3 Users Can Now Enjoy Microsoft's Digital Assistant Named Cortana …

The tech savvy will now enjoy Microsoft’s digital assistant called Cortana to build their Raspberry Pi 3 the mini-computer to construct their devices. To enjoy Cortana on your device, you should upgrade your Raspberry Pi board which can run on Windows 10 IoT core.

The users can use Cortana on their Raspberry Pi devices similar to the way it works for Windows. The users can build voice-based devices so that they can fire commands to the digital assistant.

How will Cortana assist the Raspberry Pi 3 devices?

The working of Cortana is same for both Windows-based devices and Raspberry devices. Hence, the users will be able to fire commands, for instance, asking time, weather conditions, stock prices, data related to traffic and much more.

The smart home devices like smart speakers based on Raspberry Pi 3 will support commands. However, to support the digital assistant the developer’s device should run on Windows 10 IoT core. The Linux-based systems will not support Cortana.

The commands that will be fired to Cortana can be customized as per the users need with the help of Raspberry Pi. The commands related to maps, calendars, news, events, dictionaries etc. can be customized.

With this support, the Microsoft will compete with its rivals like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Amazon Alexa is basically designed for smart home devices.

The limitations of Cortana

As the Cortana’s support for Raspberry Pi sounds interesting, users also need to consider the limitations of the device. For good sound effect, the speakers and microphones play a crucial role. However, all microphones and speakers do not support Cortana which may be one of the drawbacks.

The device that supports Windows 10 Creators update is the Logitech’s S150 USB speaker. Whereas, the microphones that are supported by the update are Sound Tech CM-1000USB Table Top Conference Meeting Microphone, Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 and Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone/Cardioid.