Android Things Developer Preview 3 Now Available

In some good news coming from Google this week, we have learned the Android Things Developer Preview 3 has been released. The Developer Preview is a great way to get feedback from all of the developers working on the Internet of Things. Google has been asking developers what they would like to see for the final version of Android Things. Well, developers have responded, and it looks like the third preview gives the developers what they have been asking for.

Google Releases Android Things Developer Preview 3

If you are a developer, you might be interested in the fact that the third version of Android Things has been released through the Developer Preview Program. Since this is the third version of Android Things, that means that Google has had time to take in the feedback from developers after the first and second previews were released. One of the main things that the developers were asking for, Bluetooth connectivity has finally been added to Android Things.

Android Things Developer Preview 3 now comes with the Bluetooth connectivity. We learned back in February that the team behind Android Things was working on adding this feature, so we are happy to report that the third version indeed has the Bluetooth options. There is the Low Energy Bluetooth option as well as the Bluetooth Classic option. Both of these Bluetooth options will work on existing Android APIs.

Beyond the Bluetooth feature in Android Things Developer Preview 3, we also see that there is the USB host now available in this version. You will now be able to use the customized USB products, which were not featured in either, preview one or preview two. The USB host is now native on Android Things, which is a huge feature and something that the developers have been asking for as well.

Previously, you needed to have either the root privileges or the Linux kernel for the USB, but that is not needed anymore. When it comes to the developers, they are definitely excited about the native USB host because it will help things run smoother in the long run.

Android Things Developer Preview 3 Just Latest Step for Google

When it comes to Google’s Android Things, the company is committed at bringing regular previews out for the developers. Part of this reason is because Google wants the feedback from the developers now before the official Android Things is released. Another reason why Google loves releasing these Developer Previews is because it allows the developers to see what will be coming and helps them integrate their software and hardware now as opposed to at the last second.

Another part of this is that there are so many developers out there working on the Internet of Things that Google is trying to ensure that all developers will have the opportunity to integrate Android Things into the products and hardware. The developers will be able to build up various devices using both the Android APIs that Google has released as well as the Google Services. Google likely will be releasing, even more, previews of Android Things in the future. It appears that the company wants to give quite a few preview builds to developers before the official Android Things release hits.

If you have not checked out everything behind Android Things Developer Preview 3 or Android Things in general, then you really should because this is all a huge part of the Internet of Things. If you are a developer, you can still get in on the Android Things Developer Preview 3 and upcoming releases by signing up with Google if you are interested.