Amazon Unveils An On-demand Consultation Service To Make Your Home Smarter

The Smart Home Consultation service helps customers set up connected products and use them to their full potential

Looking to take its ever-popular Alexa sales to new heights, Amazon has recently launched a free consultation program from in-house experts designed to guide customers towards a smarter, more connect home. The Smart Home Consultation advisers will actually show up at your door with the latest products in-hand to demonstrate how different products will contribute to your day to day life. 

In the ongoing voice-controlled bot war taking place between the likes of Apple, Google and of course Amazon (among other popular tech companies), the move to showcase various items interfacing with Echo and Alexa in one’s own home marks a significant push by the retail giant to secure a spot as a central hub for connected devices. Appointments are bookable via the company website, and will typically last around 45 minutes according to Amazon.

In addition to conducting personal demos and showcasing exactly how certain devices fit in your household, the Amazon staffers—not contractors – will check your Wi-fi connection to ensure a strong signal strength. According to the brand, the experts are picked for their ‘technology experience, passion for customer service and strong track record.’

Though its unclear exactly when it first launched, the service has garnered over 75 reviews to date, the first of which dates back to November of 2016. It represents the company’s foray into the on-demand world, and brings with it a human touch that the retailer has been repeatedly slammed for trimming with its increasingly automated warehouse facilities and clerk-less store roll out. Most importantly however, the Smart Home Consultation touches on an important element of branding in retail—Amazon is establishing a deeper connection with its audience by meeting its fans where they are, and promoting an experience above a sole purchase.

With increasing support for a diverse set of appliances, its looking rather likely that Alexa will continue to dominate the smart home sector, edging out competitors like Nest, Philips and other best in class producers. After conquering CES and outpacing sales goals for Echo last December, the Smart Home Consultation program may just prove to be the final hurdle for Amazon in coming out on top in the race towards voice-controlled AI.