Amazon Alexa Will Get New Feature To Recognize Different Voices

Amazon Alexa is one of the best AI available in the market till date. The developers are not done yet. Amazon is going to introduce more features shortly. One of these functions is Amazon Alexa will be able to differentiate the voice of its particular owner. The feature is internally known as the voice ID.

It was under development from 2015. There will be specific commands that will lock a specific voice. In this way, Alexa will recognize who is commanding it. If this feature is launched, Alexa will outperform the existing AIs in the market from Samsung or Apple.

Google Home will allow you in using a voice assistant to wake Google Assistant. The voice training is available for Alexa devices. Till date, none of the intelligent assistants can identify or differentiate multiple voices. If Amazon can make it happen, then it will change the way we deal with voice assistants in online shopping.

The voice assistant in Amazon app can serve in a customized way if they can recognize whose voice it is. It can bring customized search results, remember the clothes while online shopping follows the already-set preferences and even predict the needs depending on internet usage and habits.

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How will Amazon Alexa Voice ID work?

Amazon Alexa smart speakers will use the smart speakers. It will match the person speaking with a different voice sample or a different voiceprint. The primary account holder will need a specific voice print to access different commands. You will need the Parent Voice to make a credit card for online shopping. It is just a matter of time when Amazon App integrates this feature with Echo products.

The feature will also take care of the privacy concerns. In a recent incident, Amazon didn’t offer the voice records of an Echo user to Arkansas Police investigation. The company will protect the privacy according to the First Amendment. According to an estimate, Amazon sold 11 million Amazon Alexa devices till Dec 2016.

You can set up different accounts, but if you want to change accounts, you have to say “Switch Accounts.” You can also use the Amazon App to switch accounts. The voice ID will indeed offer a competitive edge to Amazon Alexa. It is a very practical addition to the households where they use Amazon accounts.