Amazon Alexa New Skill: Tracking Down Phone Anywhere on Earth; Will Soon Invade Phones …

The breakout artificial intelligence Alexa has now become smarter with its new added skill that can track a phone wherever it is located in the world. Also, rumors suggest that Alexa will be integrated to some Android-operated phones. Read more details here!

Android and iOS “Find My Phone” Feature is an Added Skill to Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo has never been this good and at this time, the new functionality added to its AI Alexa aims to help those people who are often absent-minded and losses their smartphones. According to Fortune, an updated app called “TrackR” is the key to get Alexa going after your misplaced or stolen smartphone.

Originally, TrackR works with Alexa for function such as ringing the phone and now that it has received a revamp, the newest version lets Alexa know about the latest location of the phone whether it is miles away or just beside the owner given that the device still has battery and cellular connection. Users can download TrackR Skill for free but small widgets for the keys and other devices are for sale except the smartphones that need not to have additional hardware.

Some cool apps like TrackR are expected to be released for the years to come because the company has reportedly received a huge amount of investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund. With S100 million annual funds to developers, Amazon Alexa is expected to go a long way.

Amazon Alexa Debuted in Huawei Mate 9

Alexa on its first appearance in Amazon Echo has attracted curious buyers all the more when it dominates the AI sector during the CES 2017 in Las Vegas where several manufacturers such as LG, Whirlpool and others revealed the integration of Alexa to their products. However, one question lingers – how does Alexa functions in a smartphone?

Siri and Google Assistant are said to have been doing a great job as digital assistants to the premium phones such as Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL. According to CNET, when Alexa demoed with Huawei Mate 9, it reveals some functionality that the two voice assistants are not capable of such as order items through Amazon, launch a skill, stream songs from Spotify through voice command and many more.